Personal Security Products

Most are well aware of the self defense devices like guns, knives, and of course the famous pepper spray. All of these are made to inflict pain on any attacker and or disable them. While highly effective if used properly, they do have a down side if not used properly. The attacker could use them against their owner and inflict pain and discomfort.

One device that is not commonly used is also on almost every adult and that is their keys. A key placed between two fingers with the jagged edge facing outward is an effective weapon. What is even better is that this is legal to display in public unlike a gun or knife and is also an effective deterrent. Learn about pepper spray at .

By having a visible deterrent, would-be attackers are less likely to pick you as their victim. Just like you, crooks and thieves do not want to be injured. For this reason, they pick soft and easy targets. By carrying yourself with confidence and having a visible deterrent, it is less likely you would become a victim.

Another great deterrent is being in a crowd or group of friends. A lone attacker would not like the odds of 3 or 5 to one. If you do have to walk alone, remember simple things usually work best like screeching alarms that activate at the push of a button. This is one of the lowest cost personal security products on the market, yet it is highly effective.